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The furure home for Official information regarding BitcoinTX (BTX)

About this site

This site is currently under development as you will notice by the lack on content at the moment. In order to be able to provide the community and investors in BTX a method of syncing their wallets and / or daemons, we decieded to pull a small portion to the website to facaliate the distibution of the blockchain files in a number of different formats.

We know the current release of the wallet has major syncing issues and we are working on a new wallet release. As we have stated many, many times on the forum, we will not give an ETA on the release date, at least not until we are within 30 days of the release. We do not want to give anyone any false information or make any statements that could be considered hype. That is not why we are involved in this project.

Current Sync Status

(Auto-Updated Hourly)


Last Status Check: Sun Aug 7 20:00:01 EDT 2016
Block: 513386, Sup: 78249790

Block Explorer

Last Status Check: Sun Aug 7 20:00:01 EDT 2016
Block: 513408 Connections: 3

Blockchain Files For Download

(Auto-Updated 10:00 and 20:00 Daily, and by Special Request)

Windows Files

Last Update

We are continuing to work through the
issue and hope to have it resoved in
the near term.

Windows Instructions

Linux Files

Last Update: Sun Aug 7 10:05:01 EDT 2016


Block: 512849, Sup: 78236317

Block Explorer

Block: 512849 Connections: 3

Data Directory in Zip format

Bootstrap file in Zip format

Linux Instructions